Data and Research

The Exclusionary Discipline Response provides statistical data from the state about exclusionary discipline in Vermont schools. At the conclusion of this response, there are suggested action items that schools and administrators can take. Below are some of those action items, for professional development of educators.

Suggested actions from the conclusion of Exclusionary Discipline Response: 

In terms of professional development for educators, the Agency recommends supervisory unions and supervisory districts:

1. Provide professional development in supporting social-emotional development and responding appropriately to challenging behaviors (PBIS/BEST Institute)

2. Help teachers, especially novices, distinguish behaviors that are inappropriate from those that are developmentally age appropriate (students need to learn how to behave in school and public). (Supervision and support).

3. Train educators to recognize behaviors that may be indicators of an underlying disability, so they can address the disability and not punish children for behaviors caused by disabilities.

4. Help develop and support the self-reflective capabilities teachers need to identify and correct any potential biases, including racial, ethnic and class biases. 5. Provide professional development to help teachers provide culturally competent instruction, including teaching and materials that reflect and show value for every student’s own experiences and culture.

This 2015 report raised awareness of disproportionate use of discipline with students of color and students with disabilities and encouraged schools to review policies and procedures regarding student discipline.

Other Pertinent Reports

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